Mika MyllyahoThe Chaos

Chaos is a rough dark comedy about three women in their thirties who lose control over their lives and eventually end up in total chaos. The characters are at war with their personal problems and cruel society. They draw their strength and resilience from their strong friendship and mutual understanding.  But even in the harshest and coldest situations they find a place for humour and wit.

Komorní Činohra presents Chaos as a sequel of the Myllyaho's dramatic trilogy (Panic – Chaos – Harmony), which comments on the problems of the author's generation and contemporary society.

The commedy was translated into English, German, Danish, Hungarian and Russian. It became a big hit in Finland; in a single season it was performed on seven stages. In the year 2011, the play achieved a great success on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

... I ripped the strap of her dress. I grabbed her hair. I pushed her head against the bar desk. I repeated this motion until the desk broke. I had to pay really big fine and I'm still repaying the surgery of the woman's face. Then I went back to my table and finished my Blue Angel. A month later, Leo asked for a divorce...

režieJiří Bábek
Translation Otto Kauppinen
Stage design Ľubica Bábek Melcerová
Music Zdeněk Dočekal

Délka představení2 hod.

hrajíIvana Machalová
Kristýna Hlaváčková
Diana Šoltýsová